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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 16th

16 January 1862

Saturday 18th

18 January 1862
17 January 1862
Friday 17th

I made out three despatches for this Steamer. One relates to Lord Russell’s report of my conversation on the 19th ulto. which he has printed. Of course it puts an end to all subterfuge or denial, in regard to the knowledge by government of Mr Seward’s despatch of the 30th of November. But it does not clear up the cause of the gross equivocation and falsehood in their operation. This may or not come from the high sources. If it does, the inference most natural to be drawn is that they mean mischief. I wrote also to my son John, but to nobody else. Short walk, it being a raw day, and I having to do go the Duke of Argyll’s to dine. The party consisted of Mr Gladstone, Sir George Grey, Sir George Lewis of the Minsters. Sir Charles and Lady Trevelyan, and two or three other persons whose names I did not catch. I take to this family of the Argylls very much. He is a little vain, but honest and sound principled. His Wife is a charming woman. Mr Gladstone sat next to me and we had much conversation about the customs of the two countries in the legislative bodies and in popular elections. We are generally much the most orderly in both. Another gentleman whom I did not know talked much of the story set afloat by the Duke of Newcastle respecting Mr Seward. Now that it has got so noised abroad, they being to be ashamed of reporting conversation. They say that it should never have been printed. I remarked that the printing was far better than permitting such a story to circulate in private so as to make a preparation for a rupture between the people of two great nations. This gentleman was very complimentary to me afterwards for my conduct during the difficulties in which I had been placed. All this is very well, but I am not the less sensible to the feeling entertained towards my country. The children all got back from Walton tonight, so that we are again one family.

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