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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 19th

19 January 1862

Tuesday 21st

21 January 1862
20 January 1862
Monday 20th

The Despatches came at breakfast time and the greater part of the morning was consumed in reading the American newspapers. The intelligence is favorable so far as it goes. The most remarkable indications come from the southern press. The reliance now is upon aid from here. And in proportion to the urgency of the call now grows the pressure to grant it. The newspaper yesterday did not hesitate to declare that another Navarino was now necessary to establish peace between the combatants. And the Observer has had the reputation of speaking more or less by authority. Mr Seward’s dispatch to me shows his consciousness of this pressure, and advises consultation between Mr Dayton and myself to meet it. The meeting of Parliament will bring things to a head. I had a visit from Mr Walker to ask about the harbour of Charleston. This si the next pretext for interference. Sir Henry Holland likewise came in. And a Mr Goodridge from New York. I went out with Mrs Adams and left my name at Buckingham Palace for the King of the14 Belgians, who has been here on a visit to the Queen. Then a walk. It was not so cold. Evening, a little of Malmesbury—and Whist with the family.

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