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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 8th

8 February 1862

Monday 10th

10 February 1862
9 February 1862
Sunday 9th



Clear. Attended Divine service with Mrs Adams at the Chapel in Little Portland Street. Mr Martineau officiated. His sermon on the vexed question in Scripture To him that hath shall be given &c. He went very deep to trace the influence which under this doctrine had brought about the advance of the condition of man. After church I walked with Mrs Adams to the zoological gardens to look at the Baernda which has just laid more than a hundred eggs, and is hatching them out. We saw but25 little as the cold weather rendered a blanket cover necessary. We saw many of the other beasts, and then returned home. I scarcely can account for the rest of the day, and yet I was not idle. Evening, read Malmesbury who is very interesting.

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