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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 15th

15 February 1862

Monday 17th

17 February 1862
16 February 1862
Sunday 16th



A chilly east wind. My daughter Mary attended with me at the Chapel and heard Mr Martineau preach his second discourse on the subject To him that hath shall be given &c, but it was so abstruse in its speculation that I soon lost the thread, and could not catch up with it again. This is the difficulty with him as a preacher and as a writer. I recollect thinking so when I read some of his sermons long ago in America.30 On my return I read part of the published diplomatic correspondence of the British Government, I took a walk and on my way called to see Sir John Harding, but did not find him at home. We dined early in order to attend Divine Service at St Paul’s where Bishop McIlvaine was about to preach. The Dean had sent us tickets, to avoid the crowd, and they proved to admit us to the very best seats. It is a fine site in this magnificent interior to see four of five thousand people all pining in worship of the Almighty, and to hear the voices joining in harmony so loud that the arches seem to multiply the sound as it were among responding myriads in the air. The Bishop preached a sermon upon the faith that maketh not ashamed, or as in the version of the prayer book, that maketh not disappointed. This faith he went on to show could be found only in the person of Jesus Christ. The division was fivefold but simple, all going to the conclusion that every resource but this would end in failure. The attention was great, and the discourse though not particularly original or strong, sounded vastly in advance of any thing I have been accustomed to hear in this country in the established church. There was quiet an attendance of Bishops and prelendaries, and the spectacle was highly interesting. I understand that the evening service is always crowded as tonight. We got home soon after nine. I ought to mention that I was placed in the seat of the Lord Mayer, he not being present. My son Henry’s birth day. 24.

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