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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 20th

20 February 1862

Saturday 22d

22 February 1862
21 February 1862
Friday 21st

The news from America is now become so interesting that it absorbs a great deal of time. I was pinched by it and by visits so much that I did not finish all the letters by the mail that I desired. I was also somewhat annoyed by the necessity of preparing some remarks for an assemblage proposed to be held tomorrow to celebrate the anniversary of General Washington’s Birthday. Of all things in the world this kind of fancy speaking , if I amy so say, is the most painful, at least to me. And here it is more difficult than at home from the presence of carping critics who would like nothing better than to find fault with me. I cannot trust myself to the moment as I do at home. I must write out all that I say, and then try to fix at least the chain of thought in my mind. To commit I long since learned, is dangerous. My experience at Dorchester years ago satisfies me on that point. My evening was devoted to this business.

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