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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 24th

24 February 1862

Wednesday 26th

26 February 1862
25 February 1862
Tuesday 25th



Chilly, cloudy day. I was beset with Consular troubles again, and had to spend half my morning in examining a case which only betrayed the incapacity of one of the many men whom the government has sent out in this capacity. This is much the most annoying portion of my duties. After luncheon I went out for the purpose of looking up houses. An intimation given to Mr Moran by my landlord leads me to suspect he meditates giving me notice to go in May. It is fitting then that I should at least be examining what I can get. I examined one today in Portman Square which promised well in the two lower stories, but degenerated rapidly as I ascended, a remark which applies to most of the London houses that are offered to be let. I think I will look a little farther. He went by invitation to dine with Sir Charles and Lady Trevelyan. She is a sister of the late Lord Macaulay. The company consisted of Lord and Lady Robert Cecil, Mr and Mrs Cardwell, Mr and Miss Senior, Sir William Page Wood, the Vice Chancellor and Lady Wood, Mr Holland, son of Sir Henry, and his Wife, the daughter of the house, Sir James and Lady Colville and one or two others. It was a pleasant and sociable dinner. Of all the persons I meet Mr Cardwell is the most easy and agreeable. Lord Cecil is a conservative , and wrote the article on America in the Quarterly Review. The family is an interesting and cultivated one. We staid until eleven.

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