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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 24th

24 March 1862

Wednesday 26th

26 March 1862
25 March 1862
Tuesday 25th



The latest accounts were more deeply interesting than any we have received at former stages of the war. The account of the action of the iron clad machine which the rebels have made out of the old Merrimack with two sailing vessels, and afterwards with the new Steam boat called the Monitor is extraordinary, and bids fair to make a complete revolution in the system of harbour defences. The retreat of the rebel army is likewise a matter for speculation since it changes the scene of the war. I confess I am anxious to see the next move. We did not get the bag today. At home in the evening. Continued the narration of the contemporaine down to the field of Waterloo. All this part is better worth reading, though it shines over the surface of affairs and no more.

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