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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 27th

27 March 1862

Saturday 29th

29 March 1862
28 March 1862
Friday 28th



The letters relating to the Peabody gift having been signed and published the first effect which I find is the reception of multitudes of letters from person very anxious to receive relief from the fund. My name as appearing first naturally point out the channel of application. Mr Lampson was in and I spoke to him of the trouble. He said that a secretary must soon be found to take off the care of correspondence. Busy today in finishing Despatches and writing private letters. The latter is now gradually setting into long directions to my son John, who has the change of59 my affairs. We dined again today with Mr and Mrs Lampson. The company consisted of Mr and Mrs Sturgis, Mr Morgan, Mr and Mrs Pipen, the latter a granddaughter of Admiral Rodney, Mis Hampden, Mr Mrs and Miss Jackson, and one or two more whom I did not know. Nothing of incident. Home at eleven.

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