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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 31st

31 March 1862

Wednesday 2d.

2 April 1862
1 April 1862
Thursday 1st



Springlike but wet. I again attended the sale of coins which comprised the medals, a small but fine collection of roman gold, and miscellaneous silver. Generally the prices were much more reasonable. The difficulty of my buying consisted in the fact that the things were put into quite large lots and thus compelled the paying for many that I did not want to get such as I did. I therefore confined myself to the acquisition of a few aurei, and one or two other chance lots, at moderate cost. I rather regret I did not go farther, as such an opportunity to get good specimens seldom occurs. Of course this absorbed more of my day. The bag came with many papers but no dispatches of moment. A short walk with Mary. We had to dinner Mr Rawle, Miss Sturgis and Miss Lampson, whose father came in the evening.

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