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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 9th

9 April 1862

Friday 11th

11 April 1862
10 April 1862
Thursday 10th

Paris is in great contrast to London. The things which make it more attractive are however just those which affect most unfavorably the place of Minister. A considerable and rather frivolous American Society requires attentions and yields little satisfaction. I came to look at the place and not the people, but as it is clear to me that a longer stay would enslave me to the latter I am quite reconciled to the necessity of my departure. I left my Wife and daughter to stay ten days more—and took a place in the train at eleven for Boulogne. The trip was without incident. I knew none of the passengers. We were detained at Bolougne until half past five. The soon came out clear and the wind chilly. But the passage very calm, and effected in two hours. Another delay at Folkstone—but we reached London safely and I was at home by a little after eleven. Henry met me and gave the little there was of news. It has rained most of the time since we left. And though the sky was almost cloudless at sunset in the channel, the streets have appeared wet with the rain of today.

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