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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 12th

12 April 1862

Monday 14th

14 April 1862
13 April 1862
Sunday 13th

A clear but chilly day. I started early for the purpose of going into the city to attend at the church of St Stephen’s, Wallbrook, but finding myself short of time is getting so far, I stopped in at Christ Church, where the whole of the large school73 called the blue coat boys from the fantastic costume they are obliged to wear attends. They occupy nearly the whole of the gallery all the way round three sides. The interior looks in more neglected condition than any I have visited. It is spacious, but the attendance was not large. One person officiated through all the services, which is not common here, in the established church. His sermon was upon the denial of St Peter, but was not above the average. At home I had visits from Mr Parkes who came to chat upon American politics, and Mr H. T Parker. The latter is anxious about the next news, which I confess I am likewise. We are in the crisis of the war. When he left I drove down to see Mr Peabody, but could not find him in. He has removed to the palace Hotel. Dined at Mr Sturgis’s. No company there but Mr White, the brother in law of Mr S. through his second Wife. Conversation pleasant. They are getting ready to vacate the house for us.

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