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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 25th

25 April 1862

Sunday 27th

27 April 1862
26 April 1862
Saturday 26th



My Wife’s birth day. And it was a lovely day. Were English weather always such, no one would search for better. We spent our time in bringing thing into condition so that by evening the confusion was dispelled. My new room is not large, but it has an opening to the light and the sun which insensibly removed the depression that has hung over me for several days. I worked cheerfully and with calmness. At three I went out with Mrs Adams to pay some visits. The grass is superb, and the springing foliage gives great lightness and beauty to the parks. Evening at home. Finished the eighth and last Volume of the Contemporaine. On the whole she tells little that is worth knowing. She seems to have been a woman without principles and an illregulated mind having at the same a kind and generous disposition.

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