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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 16th

16 May 1862

Sunday 18th

18 May 1862
17 May 1862
Saturday 17th



My entire day absorbed in visits and visiting. Mr Westwood and his brother came with a model of a gunboat for river navigation. Dr Lee with a new invention of a tourniquet. I referred him to Sir Henry Holland. Mr Wan Rensselaer as a civility. Mr Denison after an interval of many weeks. Revd E. W. Appleton, an invalid who has spent the winter at Algiers and his brother just arrived from America. Mr Weed who came to tell me of the effect of the news last evening at Mr Milnes’s. They are just beginning to suspect they may have made a mistake. The animus has been however to clearly betrayed to make retreat at this late hour graceful or honest. The record is made and cannot be expunged. Afterwards I went out with Mrs Adams to return visits. One to the Duke of Rianzares which cost us much searching and ended in finding him gone yesterday. Also to Lord Cranworht and Lord Hatherton and Mrs Bentzon, and Lord Ashburton. At dinner time we received our Despatches by the Persia, and our private letters. The tenor generally encouraging. I trust the violence of the resistance will now abate. In the evening a visit from Mr Morse, who gives farther intelligence of the rebel movements here. He learns that Mr Mason is fearful of internal discord which may or may not be slave insurrection. Mrs Adams and I then went to Lady Palmerston’s reception. Not so full as last week. Much congratulation on events. Lord Palmerston spoke of the slave trade treaty with satisfaction.103

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