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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 20th

20 May 1862

Thursday 22d.

22 May 1862
21 May 1862
Wednesday 21st



Numbers of person come every day and pretty much control my mornings. Mr Weed stays but a short time, but he gives me more of the current conversation of the society into which he falls than any one. We have farther details from America all of which go to confirm the preceding accounts. As at present informed it is scarcely likely that much more service fighting will take place in large bodies. Richmond and Norfolk are in great danger and with them will go all remaining props of the military position. The remainder must be a mere matter of detail. Yet we must for some time to come watch the developement with anxiety. A coloured man by the name of Randolph came to me and begged of me to convert for him some government notes that he had brought out with him instead of gold. He now finds them not exchangeable except at a sacrifice of about fifteen per cent. I consented to take them, being for a small amount. We had to dinner to day Sir Harry Verney, Sir Henry, Lady Holland, and their daughter, Colonel and Mrs Pakenham, Mr Arthur Kinnaird, Mr Darby Griffith, Sir John and Lady Harding, Mrs Gaskill, Mrs Kinnaird and Mr and Mrs Munchton Milnes. Mr and Mrs Cameron arrived in season to make up the company, and my daughter came in to render the number even, twenty in all. It was the most lively entertainment I have met with since I have been here, and was in the getting up very satisfactory, which I could not say of that given in Mansfield Street. They lingered until eleven o’clock so that we escaped the necessity of attempting five receptions to which we were invited.107

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