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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 31st

31 May 1862

Monday 2d.

2 June 1862
1 June 1862
Sunday 1st



A clear, warm summer’s day. Attended in company with my son Brooks the services in Portland Street. Mr Taylor preached the fourth in the series of lectures on the act of uniformity. It was mainly devoted to the character of Richard Baxter’s, the great head of the presbyterians, but as he maintained rather the type of resistance to religious domination our opinion. He described the course of thought in England in and out of the church, commenting successively upon the action of Wesley, and Priestly and Belsham and Channing, to the last of whom he gave the credit of advocating a rational and yet a genial and warm type of Christianity. Of course this is from the Unitarian point of view. But here all the dissenters made common cause against the Church on this issue. I paid several visits afterwards. One to Mrs Wurts a lady who brought several letters to me, and who appears to be a pleasant good hearted woman. Then I called to see Mr Alex Van Rensselaer, and left a card, after which I went to see Mr and Mrs Story. I spent an hour conversing with them The day was so superb that I walked from their lodgings, which are at my old house in St George’s place, around Hyde Park and Kensington gardens home. The season is much finer than last year, and the vegetation is luxuriant. Quiet evening.

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