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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 3d.

3 June 1862

Thursday 5th

5 June 1862
4 June 1862
Wednesday 4th

A fine day for the Derby which as usual carried out the million t o see the race. I have little fancy for that amusement, so I conclude on remaining at home. Instead of this I attended the first day’s sale of M Huber’s extraordinary collection of coins. Pretty much the same small assemblage of persons, nearly all of them dealers. My object being mainly to get the general run of prices, I do not hazard much and therefore purchase but little. What I do buy however seem to me quite reasonable. This collection is quite wonderful for the condition and rarity of specimens. A sicilian tetradrachne brought a hundred and thirty six pounds. We broke up at four o’clock. Quiet dinner at home. In the evening, as Mrs Adams was fatigued I went alone to Mrs Gladstone’s. Many of the cabinet there, having dined at the house. Among others Lord Palmerston who was in a very jubilant state on his triumph. From thence I went to Count Flahault’s thinking this to be the evening of his reception. I was admitted but found only stragglers after a dinner. Nevertheless I remained half an hour in conversation with the Countess and a gentleman whom I did not know. The reception as she took occasion to intimate to me was for tomorrow. I called at the Marquess of Salisbury’s and found a similar mistake. From thence I went to Lady Lyreden’s where the company was just going, ti being about midnight. After a stay of about a quarter of an hour I returned home.

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