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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 5th

5 June 1862

Saturday 7th

7 May 1862
6 May 1862
Friday 6th

Less business this week than usual, I had but a single Despatch, and that a short one. But my home letters took up the rest of the day, sot hat I was compelled to give up attendance at Huber’s sale. I had company to dinner consisting of Lord Russell,119 his Wife and daughter, Lord and Lady Hatherton, Lord and Lady Lyveden, Lord and Lady Wensleydale, Lord Stanley of Alderley, Sir Thomas Cochran, Sir Charles and Lady Trevelyan, Mr Charles Howard, Mr and Mrs Story, and Miss Duprey. It was tolerably pleasant, as this kind of entertainment goes. After it was over the Storys urged us to go to Lady Westminster’s reception, so we did. The pleasure there is in the examination of the pictures which are real gems. I think of their kind the portraits by Rembrandt take the lead. We got home only after a long delay for the carriage.

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