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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 16th

16 May 1862

Wednesday 18th

18 May 1862
17 May 1862
Tuesday 17th

Rainy day. It is now quite a week that this weather has lasted at a very critical period for the crops. I attended today the fourth and last day’s sale of the coins of the Roman series of brass belonging to the Mr Gonzalez of Rome. I made some purchases of the books which are very good. The attendance was smaller than ever but I thought the bidding quite spirited. I did not get home until near six o’clock. Hull Adams and Miss Lampson are now here which makes the house seem full. His sister Elizabeth has arrived in the last Steamer and is on her way too. In the evening Mrs Adams and I went to a small reception at the Countess128 d’Appoyi’s, the Austrian Ambassador’s. The Duchess of Cambridge, and the Princess Mary, and the Duke, had dined there. I was presented to the latter by Count d’Apponyi. I knew of the company only the Baron de Brunnow and M Musurus, Lord and Lady Stanhope, Lady Lyndhurst adn Miss Copley, Mr and Mrs D’Israeli, Baron de Cetto and perhaps one or two more. These occasions are very stiff and unsatisfactory. Home early.

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