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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 26th

26 June 1862

Saturday 28th

28 June 1862
27 June 1862
Friday 27th



Mrs Frothingham and her party left us this morning on their way to the United States. I fear that it is our final parting. For although she has certainly gained strength by her winter, I see no radical improvement. Her voice is gone, and her cough is ominous. Thus it is with us as we go in life. The ties snap one by one until it comes to our turn, when the fitful dream passes away. Our household looked small for the whole day. My occupation is writing private letters kept me pretty well absorbed Two or three of the family, are about all I can do. Mrs Adams and I dined with Mr and Mrs Senior. The company consisted of Madam Mohl, Sir Edward and Lady Colebrook Lord Wicklow, Mr and Mrs Ford, Mrs Bates and Captain Willis. It was rather more lively than usual. There was a reception afterwards to which we did not stay.

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