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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 7th

7 July 1862

Wednesday 9th

9 July 1862
8 July 1862
Tuesday 8th



I was reading the newspapers for some time this morning after which I had a visit from Captain Craven of the Tuscarora. He has got here, and I am as yet in a state of suspense about the case of the vessel at Liverpool. I talked with him freely about he object I had in sending for him, trying to impress him with a sense of responsibility in his proceedings. He decided to ask for repairs and wait a few days. In the mean time I will try to gather information. There were some other visits a large number of which are merely formal. I spent some hours in my accounts which I dod not yet bring to exactness. Quite a walk in the afternoon. The weather continues very variable. In the evening at home. Mr Hale and Mr Winthrop dined with us.

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