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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 19th

19 July 1862

Monday 21st

21 July 1862
20 July 1862
Sunday 20th



I received my Despatches this morning. They are as usual encouraging so far as Mr Seward can make them so. On the whole, without underrating the enormous loss and157 sacrifice we have experienced. I think the result shows that the fortune of the war is not materially changed. It may change its character materially, as the slave element becomes more and more inextricably entangled with it. In this view the action of Europe is more and more interesting. Our movement should be so far accelerated by reverses as to render a reestablishment of slavery under such auspices impracticable. No notice of the close of my correspondence with Lord Palmerston. I attended with Wife and Mary at the Chapel in Portland Street. Mr Hutton preached. The attendance small. Walk with Mary and visits to the zoological gardens. The day was warm but with a boisterous wind. Went by invitation to dine with the Duchess of Somerset, who made an entertainment for Mr Peabody. The company consisted of Mrs Adams and myself, Lady Georgiana Fane, Mr and Mrs Story, Lord Lyons, Mr Villiers, Mr Milner Gibson Mr Hale and Mr Hale. I forget Lord Glenelg. it was rather amusing and not a little curious. I insert the Carte as a specimen. The Duchess is an oddity. She gave a toast to Mr Peabody which was drunk with the honors. Rather a queer proceeding for Sunday. After she retired, Mr Peabody suggest a reciprocation at which a great noise was made for her edification in the next room, to the infinite amusement of us all. She is a good natured, good hearted but rather foolish woman. After dinner we remained until nearly twelve when in despair I broke up the party.

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