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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 23d.

23 July 1862

Friday 25th

25 July 1862
24 July 1862
Thursday 24th

Very busy in making up the drafts of Despatches for the week. The labor of the Office does not appear to decline, nor the anxiety. At four o’clock I went with Mrs Adams in the carriage, and paid return visits to M Carvalho, the Minister of Chili, and to the Comte de Paris. The Orleans princes have returned from America to a society which will not magnify them the more for having gone to uphold our cause I had a visit from Mr Cassius M Clay and his Secretary Mr Ridolphi. They afterwards dined with us. Mr Clay is returning home very reluctantly from the Russian mission out of which his own restlessness has ejected him. He now declines his new creation of General and wishes to get back again. He assures me that the Russians are strenuously our friends. After diner Mr Bigelur the Consul at Paris came in and spent an hour. He thinks well of French intentions.160

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