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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 5th

5 August 1862

Thursday 7th

7 August 1862
6 August 1862
Wednesday 6th

Mary was better and we may start this week, but it is so late now that I think we shall put off going until Saturday. I had some letters to write and casual business to despatch. Rather a long walk. After dinner, to the Princess’s Theatre with Brooks to witness the performance of Shakespeare’s Henry the Eighth. I do not feel sure that I have ever seen this before. Certainly now undertaken on the original scale. It interested me much, especially Mrs Kean as Katherine of Aragon. The fifth act was omitted. A very pretty effect was produced in the impersonation of her dream, though it was not according to the original. The play is certainly not among the author’s best, but it has great touches of nature in at least three of the characters. Dr Johnson confines the distinction to one and forgets Wolsey. I am glad I saw it.

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