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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 11th

11 August 1862

Wednesday 13th

13 August 1862
12 August 1862
Tuesday 12th
Malvern. Hereford

The weather is cloudy but fine I took another bath in the cold water before breakfast. The post brought us the letters from London, and I spent some time in writing answers. The children made a new ascent of the hill, and I contented myself with a pleasant walk along one of the many paths which run arrived its base. After this we drove to Cowhigh park and thence through Leigh Sinton home. It was by no170 means so pretty as the road yesterday to Worcester. On our return we paid a short visit to Mrs and Miss Washington Jackson who are in the same house with us and then made our arrangements for departure from this very cheerful and pleasant spot. Our course was by railway to Hereford twenty four miles where we arrived to a late dinner, at the Green Dragon, apparently a nice and comfortable Inn. The country is apparently rural and indicates quiet and thrift.

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