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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 19th

19 August 1862

Thursday 21st

21 August 1862
20 August 1862
Wednesday 20th



At an early hour in the morning I walked with a strong vertigo which for more than hour rendered almost every exertion impossible. I dressed myself with the greatest difficulty. But the feeling gradually subsided so far as to enable me to mount the top of the vehicle which I had engaged to take us on after breakfast to Ilfracombe twenty miles. And as I proceeded the air seemed to revive me. The drive is most of it continued over the plateau of high land which we entered upon at Porlock. it is wild and much of it solitary, but not particularly striking. My sons determined on taking another way on first, which is said to be far more attractive and not so long. Ilfracombe is itself very prettily situated on a prominent point of the coast. The town is rather in a hollow, and the Brittania Hotel to which we were taken is close to a small harbor, more than itself the time a mere dock. It has the advantage however of being very near the parade which forms the great attraction of the place. I visited this three times in the course of the day, and each time with pleasure. It is made for loungers who like the sound and smell salt wanter. A sort of Nahant with the rock cut into convenient walks, and a tide so subdued as to give no uneasiness to ladies. I got my letters from London here, which determined me to return tomorrow, at least for a day. My head although materially relived still seemed to be quiet uncertain, especially if I stooped to do anything. I took however a long walk completely through the turn which is ugly and crowded. All its attraction is concentrated in its coast like and water view.

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