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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 21st

21 August 1862

Saturday 23d.

23 August 1862
22 August 1862
Friday 22d.



A multiplicity of Despatches of much importance kept my attention closely fixed all day. I wrote replies which with my letters to my children absorbed my whole time from ten until nearly 6 in the afternoon. Mr Wilson has returned on leave of absence to America, so that we have a very quiet time. The force of the Legation is not very materially impaired. I did not leave the house all day, think that perhaps it might be as well to remain quiet. My head was tolerably well but no yet in its usual condition. I slept exceedingly will. But I know not what to think of such an attack. At my age the warning are apt to being. I may as well be preparing for any event. No visitor today but Mr Bigelow Laurence who is at last on his way to Florence. My evening spent in making up the arrears of my Diary.

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