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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 24th

24 August 1862

Tuesday 26th

25 August 1862
25 August 1862
Monday 25th



Another and a still better bath, as I found I could plunge directly into open water of the bay. The return to the ocean seemed like coming back to the days of my youth. Torquay if in nothing else has the palm for this accommodation. After breakfast I took a walk with Brooks around the head of the cove. Many pretty houses have been built there, but it is too low. I should choose the higher level. The air was soft and sultry. at eleven we took our departure with regret. Our intent was to get to Exeter in season for the train to Salisbury at half past three. But although the time tables gave an interval of fifteen minutes, the delays at the station brought us in five minutes too late. As a consequence we were thrown back nearly three hours. So we went up to the Hotel, and thence Mrs Adams and I paid another visit to the Cathedral, when I saw all the Chapels which I did not see on Saturday. I likewise noticed more particularly the exterior and especially the Tower and the front. The latter has some sculptured figures, but it is not so striking in that regard as Wells. We returned to a very nice dinner at the New London Inn and then back to the Station. Our train did well as far as Yeovil. But it was then attached to freight and took us longer to get to Salisbury from there than I was in going the whole way to London on Thursday last. When we reached Salisbury it was after eleven o’clock, and there was no sign of a conveyance to take us from the station to the term. We walked in the park to the White Hart Inn, where we found the people up, but the house so much crowded as with difficulty to accommodate even a portion of our party. The boys and my servant Henry Hands were obliged to get quarter at the Red Lion.184

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