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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 3d

3 September 1862

Friday 5th

5 September 1862
4 September 1862
Thursday 4th

Quiet day, devoted to writing drafts of letters and despatches. I do not perceive that the work diminishes at all. The difference is that it expands in details. Messr Parker and Lothrop here to luncheon. They had come to London the day after we left it, but I never heard of it. Since that they had been to Switzerland, and were now going back. They gave us much news about home I was delighted to hear Mr Parker strongly commend my son John, not simply for conduct but for judgment and ability. He says he makes an eloquent admate. This is very grateful news in the midst of my anxiety for the fate of Charles. Mrs Adams went out to Walton today and Henry returned home. Young Mr Dayton dined with us again. In the evening I read Mr Motley’s chapter on the destruction of the Armada. It is quite well done and makes a good finale to his book. But on looking back upon it, I do not quite see the whole thread of the Dutch history. It seems to be rather that of the English connection with it.

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