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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 8th

8 September 1862

Wednesday 10th

10 September 1862
9 September 1862
Tuesday 9th



Fine day. Most of my time spent in the search for some place in the country. So this end I went first to the house agents and then by rail to Uxbridge to look at a place called Dunham Lodge. It is not very far from the house at Hillingdon which I went to see some time ago, It is smaller than any I have seen but very attractive. I think I should like it very well. There is not exactly the same aspect about it as if habitually let which marks almost all I have visited. The situation close on the bank of the Colne is very pretty though low. I believe I shall give up the hunt after this and decide on something, or other. Before I left town I received a telegraph from Mr Bates as well as very public one giving the important intelligence of a severe battle at Bull’s run, the scene of that last year, and the victory of General Pope. The details are so confused that as yet we cannot quite measure its extent, but from the account it must if decisive as he represents it be attended with curatorial results on the war. As it probable that before that time my son Charles must have joined General Pope. I feel correspondingly anxious about him. Dined by invitation with lady Georgina Fane. The company consisted of Lady Pakenham and her son, Lady Caroline Neeld, Mrs Abbot, Colonel Graham and Mr Ramsay. There was a youngish Lord there too, whose name I did not catch, and Mrs Adams and Henry. Also an Irishman when name I did not learn After dinner, but found too late he had mistaken the day for Thursday. The dinner was rather more lively than usual and we stayed very late.

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