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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 22d.

22 September 1862

Wednesday 24th

24 September 1862
23 September 1862
Tuesday 23d

Light rain in the morning. Walk among the house Agents to look up once more a country house. Then I sat down to write an answer to my son John on the subject about which he consulted me. Whilst I was engaged upon it Mr Charles Hale came in and among other things alluded to that. he said that an article had appeared in the Springfield Republican proposing to exchange Mr Sumner and me, that is to say to place me in the Senate and to send him here. He wished to know what I though of it. I gave him in substance the view I had presented to John. As to the arrangement, I had no idea the government would sanction it so far as Mr Sumner was concerned. If my place were vacant. I though Mr Everett more likely to come. We had some talk about the proper line for his newspaper and I urged a continued support of the government. Mr Harris called to take leave. At dinner we had Mrs Durant and Mr Hale. I read a little of the papers of Lord Auchland.

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