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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 30th

30 September 1862

Thursday 2d.

2 October 1862
1 October 1862
Wednesday October 1st

A very fine day. I made use of it to go out with my son Henry to see another place in the country at Bushkey about thirteen miles from town. By reason of a change in the hours of the trains we were obliged to start at one and go go in an express to Watford. Here we found ourselves nearly five miles from our end. So we buried a vehicle to take us to the place called Caldecott Lodge. It is very well situated, the country around is charming, and the house is tolerable. On the whole it may do for an experiment. The country looked revived by the late rains. We returned in the same way, getting home before six o’clock. Quiet evening. I read a little of Rose’s book.

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