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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 4th

4 October 1862

Monday 6th

6 October 1862
5 October 1862
Sunday 5th



This fine day I took for a long walk to attend Divine service at St Giles’s in the Ward of Cripplegate without. I followed the new road and then round by Pentonville and Goswell Street, thus seeing much to the town that was new to me. What a marvel of humanity it is. The church is old and quite attractive. It is remarkable as entertain the remains of John Milton, perhaps the greatest name in English history. Oliver Cromwell was also married here. I felt as if I was carried back to days of as much distress and big import to the interests of mankind on this theatre as there now passing in that of America. I walked home, making not less than six miles. Mr T. McCullagh called and spent an hour. He had no news. The family went to Twickenham and Richmond. Quiet evening.210

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