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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 17th

17 October 1862

Sunday 19th

19 October 1862
18 October 1862
Saturday 18th



A heavy rail all day, which kept me at home. I had besides a good deal of arrears of work to bring up. Among other things, I had received this week powers to negotiate a Treaty of commerce with the republic of Liberia. I notified President Benson of the fact, and he came this day to see me about it. I gave him the form of Treaty he had first sent through me to Washington, modified as it came back to me, both of us be put into shape and executed early next week. He did so. Thus is seems that my name is to be on the first national act recognizing the restoration of the status of the Americo-African to a condition of equality with the White. I think it is an era in our history. We received the mail bags from America and found the news generally quiet cheerful. A long letter from Charles to his mother, giving an interesting narrative of the whole campaign in Maryland, including the two great actions at South mountain and Antietam, which he witness. I returned thanks to God for all his mercies, and especially for his preservation thus far safe and well. But the campaign must be resumed before long, so that our anxieties do not cease for many moments.218

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