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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 20th

20 October 1862

Wednesday 22d

22 October 1862
21 October 1862
Thursday 21st



Cool but not unpleasant. President Benson came very punctually at eleven o’clock, and the Secretaries having prepared and collected the two copies of the instrument we interchangeably affixed our names and seals to the Treaty of commerce with the Republic of Liberia. This over I decided to walk all the way to Messrs Barings counting house,mainly to correct a slight irregularity which had taken place in the settlement of my last account for the contingent fund. From thence I rambled away to find Falen Square, in order to return a visit made by a Dr Tefft who has come out as one of the itinerating consuls whom the President thinks proper to place here. I went over much of the ground trodden at the time of my visit to St Giles’s, Cripplegate. It was late before I got back. Mr Lyons W Field dined with us. He talked much of affairs at home, but not in a way to enliven me. I much fear the exposure of the weakness of the head may be happening too soon even for his brief career. We must trust in the protection of a higher power.

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