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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 29th

29 October 1862

Friday 31st

31 October 1862
30 October 1862
Thursday 30th



Whilst at breakfast I got a note from Lord Russell offspring the interview I applied for at half past ten precisely at his house. With all the hurry I could make I was a quarter of an hour late. His Lordship was just going to attend the wedding of Mr Lister, the young man whom I saw when at Abergeldie castle a little more than a year ago. But he gave me an audience which I made as brief as possible. The object was to make a proposal, as I was directed, to negotiate a convention for the facilitating emigration for negroes from the United States. His Lordship replied at once. He said the subject had already been agitated in the Cabinet, and communication had been had with the colonies about it, but the conclusion had been to avoid any danger of entanglement about refugees. It then appears than in contemplation of possible alliances with the rebel government, they do not care about opening a question of reclamation. I mentioned to his Lordship the conference I had with Mr Davis on the 7,th and his wish for a considerable emigration to Jamaica. But he said that an agent who had gone to America for this object had found the rate of wages so much higher than in Jamaica that he could offer no inducements. Find him so clear, I declined pressing the point any further and left saying that I would report the answer to my government. Accordingly on my return home I wrote a Despatch. My time however was very much absorbed by a visit from Mr and Mrs Story and their daughter which extended to luncheon. They are very sprightly and amusing. Having sold his Statues and225 enjoyed the reputation he has gained by them, he now returns to Rome, where I presume he will spend the rest of his life. His daughter remained to dinner, and Mr Winthrop also came in. After Mrs Greenough spent the evening. On the whole a day almost entirely consumed by company.

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