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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 31st

31 October 1862

Sunday 2d.

2 November 1862
1 November 1862
Saturday November 1st



The month commences with the warm vapory gloomy atmosphere for which it is so noted. My morning devoted to the preparation of a note to Lord Russel on the application from Huddersfield, and one to a Consul at Galway. The trouble from this source is not entirely over, but is much diminished. I went out with mrs Adams and returned visits. One to Mr Whistler, one to Judge Lewis of Philadelphia, and his daughter, and one to Mr Pierce, whom I found confined to his room at the Grosvenor Hotel with a sprained ancle. I sat with him some time talking about affairs at St Petersburgh. He told me that Mr Cassius Clay before leaving that place had entered into a partnership in trade upon a gas patent of some kind. This is the man who wanted to go back as Minister Evening Mrs Greenough here. I was absorbed in my letters and American papers.226

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