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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 5th

5 November 1862

Friday 7th

7 November 1862
6 November 1862
Thursday 6th



Cloudy this morning. I left the family soon after breakfast and took the train to London, which brought me there before noon. As I crossed the bridge, every thing was thickly enveloped in fog, which continued all day. Found Mr Moran at the Office and Mr H. T Parker sitting with him. Soon afterwards Captain Britton came in from Southampton, and I asked him to dine, but he pleaded immediate return. My day was devoted to Despatches which were well got under way before evening. Had a visit from229 Mr Morse who brought me a letter to the Secretary of State on the subject of the new charges on invoices caused by the latest revenue law. I told him what I had done on my side. The truth is that the old practice gives the Consuls a slight requisite over and above the regular charge. And he is afraid he is going to lose it. I have no disposition to bear hard on him, for he is faithful and honest and not overpaid. But there is a need of some uniform rule to apply to all consuls. I walked around the outer line of the Regent’s park, and had a quiet, solitary dinner and evening, reading Lord Auchland’s papers.

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