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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 8th

8 November 1862

Sunday 9th

9 November 1862
9 November 1862
Sunday 9th
St Leonard’s on Sea



During the night a stormy wind arose which by degrees came to a pretty heavy gale from the south west. As this place and its neighbor Hastings consists of a single long now of houses forcing the water in this direction of course there was no escape from the storm. The waves were lashed into foam and came in with long rollers that produced a fine effect. Though in this particular they do not compare with Nantasket or Nahant. I attended Divine service with Brooks at the Church in the neighborhood. A man in the entrance had tickets and asked a shilling a piece for them to secure us seats. I have never seen trips done before. The service was much as usual and the sermon not a whit better. Afterwards we watched nearly the whole extent of the quay, which is very long, and watch the rush of the sea. Our return in the face of the wind and train was rather fatiguing. The remainder of the day passed at home. I read faute de mieux, a part of the first volume of Carlisle’s Life of Frederick the second. It is marvellous how caprice can sometimes belittle talent. Such books can have no permanent rank in literature.

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