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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 9th

9 November 1862

Tuesday 11th

11 November 1862
10 November 1862
Monday 10th
St Leonard’s on Sea



The high wind called during the night and fell away to a mere breeze in the course of the day. This walked us to go out and spend a large part of the morning in watching the rollers still coming in from last night’s storm, and likewise the company that frequents the esplanade. The houses and the walk make the finest show of the kind I have seen in England—much finer than Brighton, whilst the place is sheltered in the north and east by the high ground behind it. There was life and movement enough among the children and the houses to make it lively. After luncheon I went out and took a walk, passing to the east into Bixton, and then crossing into the interior to Hollington and thence back through the term gate. The neighborhood is pretty but does not compare with that around Tunbridge Wells. Towards night Henry came down from London bring our American letters and the latest newspapers. A long and interesting letter from Charles, and another from Mr Dana.232

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