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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 12th

12 November 1862

Friday 14th

14 November 1862
13 November 1862
Thursday 13th



My play-time is over. During my stay I have taken a slat water bath the first thing in the morning, and it has done me good. This morning I had not time for I was off to the Station on my return to London before nine o’clock. The family remain here until Saturday. The trip was without incident. The weather was clear and fine, but when we reached Croydon it began to be thick, and in London it was a heavy smoke fog. I drew directly over London Bridge to the counting house of Messr Barings, and it was curious to see the streets dark and the shops lighted with gas as if it was evening. From thence I went home, and devoted myself to the business which had accumulated in my absence. It is plain I cannot leave this place much without deranging the regular course of things. Made my Despatches, and took a walk. The air was more saturated with coal smoke especially in the lower part of the town than I ever felt it before. I felt it was breathing it in— All the street and shop lamps seemed to burn dim—as if about to expire. There was no radiation so that the darkness was only just relieved. As I came homewards towards the Regent’s Park it grew better though by no means well, even there. Quiet and lonely evening. Read more of Lord Auchland’s papers.

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