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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 16th

15 November 1862

Tuesday 18th

18 November 1862
17 November 1862
Monday 17th



The newspapers came from America this morning and as usual absorbed some time, after which I walked to the Board of Trade at Whitehall to attend at Sir Emerson Tennent’s a meeting of the Trustees of Mr Peabody’s donation. They were all present but Mr Morgan. The object of the call was to confirm the doings commenced at a meeting last week. Purchases have been made of the two plots of ground, and a land agent was in238 attendance to present offers of several offers. Much conversation ensued on the expediency of going farther. It was finally determined to wait and viist one or two of the most eligible. In the mean time directions were given to obtain plans for edifices on the first of the purchased lots. This really is beginning. Of course in all these practical matters I am very quiet, knowing nothing of the business forms of this country. The prize of the lots seemed very reasonable, for though int he poor and less prized quarters of the town, they are always in the heard of a dense population. It will now not be long before something will appear for the promised gift of Mr Peabody. When I got home it was near dark, so short are the days growing— I took a walk around the inner ring of the Regent’s park. Brooks went back to Twickenham today. Quiet evening.

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