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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 19th

19 November 1862

Friday 21st

21 November 1862
20 November 1862
Thursday 20th



The days are rapidly shortening. I now scarcely get to my desk at half past ten, and I cannot see to write by half past three. This day the labour of Despatches was greater than usual. I had not more in number, but they were longer, and a little more difficult. In the evening I walked to Bayswater to the Kensington palace garden gate. We had Mr Schleiden to dine with us, and Sir W Ouseley and his Wife, Mrs Hughes, and Mr Tricompi. Rather informed and pleasant than otherwise. They remained with us until nearly eleven. Mr Hughes came in, having been engaged to dinner. I had also asked Sir Henry and Lady Holland, Mr and Miss Bille, and Mr Layard’s all of whom were engaged. Mr Schleiden spoke to me of a rumour in France that Mr Seward was about to resign, and I was to be called home, which I think is all folly. But In ever meet the idea without some feeling of uneasiness at the possibility. The administration of Mr Lincoln is in the nature of a crucifixion of all its members.

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