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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 24th

24 November 1862

Wednesday 26th

26 November 1862
25 November 1862
Tuesday 25th



Our visit came to an end this morning, and we took leave of our hosts after breakfast to return to town. They have treated us with all possible civility. I am glad that we came, for my observation has corrected some prejudices which I had imbibed considering the height of favor they have enjoyed so long at Court they are not so much affected by it as I had supposed. The civility shown to us has been mainly243 due to Mr and Mrs Bates who have certainly wished it. But it has been gracefully and handsomely paid. The visit has been made the more pleasant by the company of Mr Milman and Mr Hibbert, both cultivated men. Yet I cannot well suit myself to this sort of company life. It is formal, constrained and idle—very well calculated for the multitude of wealthy people who knew no way of using their leisure but that of going round from house to house, and talking gossip and the news. I do not easy the position of the hosts who thus for months together keep a hotel for their voluminous acquaintance. I am always glad to get back to my own room and even the cares of my public situation. Nothing had however happened in my absence excepting the receipt of the weekly main and newspapers which I greedily devoured. The deposition of McClellan seems to have been easily accomplished. No change as yet in the position of the army. A letter from my son John who has returned quite unwell. Quiet evening. continued Lord Auchland’s papers.

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