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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 27th

27 November 1862

Saturday 29th

29 November 1862
28 November 1862
Friday 28th

This day devoted to my private letters. One to Dr Palfrey, one to Mr Seward and one to each of my sons. Thus takes the day. Mrs Adams and I dined with Sir Henry and Lady Holland. A parting to Sir Charles Trevelyan who goes out next week to India. Some act of insubordination brought him back from there a few months ago, but his real capacity and knowledge of his duty have induced the government to restore him to his position. Lady Trevelyan was the sister of Lord Macaulay, the historian, and is herself quite a superior woman. She goes out too, with their son and younger daughter. The other company were Lord and Lady Lyveden, Lord Stanley and Mr Gibbs. It was the pleasantest dinner I have been at in this house. We shall be sorry to lose the Trevelyans, for though we do not see them much, they are among the few whom we feel a good deal of regard for. Home after ten.

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