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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 29th

29 November 1862

Monday 1st

1 December 1862
30 November 1862
Sunday 30th

A thick fog, not so dark or so persistent as that of the 13th, but still symptomatic of the season of the year in London. I attended in company with my children, Mary and Brooks the chapel in Portland Street. A person whose name was said to Calthorp and from America preached. The style certainly not English. The sermon was upon the freedom of modern times to arrive at the analysis of religious belief, which he ended by applying the story of Balboa’s progress to the Pacific as an allegory typifying the disclosing by Jesus Christ of the true faith. On my return home I found the Despatches which are on the whole encouraging. But I still fear we have not found a leader. For a wonder, no visits. Evening walk with Mary. Finished the fourth and last volume of Lord Auchland’s papers.246

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