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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 3d.

3 December 1862

Friday 5th

5 December 1862
4 December 1862
Thursday 4th



Writing my Despatches which were quite within compass. Otherwise very quiet. I could not help turning to my Diary of this time last year, and nothing the great contrast presented by the two season. At that moment we were in the midst of the excitement about the Trent case. Now all is lulled and calm. I feel at the moment as if I might stay the rest of my term. Yet there is no security beyond April or May, perhaps not even at this moment. Much depends on the war which yet drags along. On looking at the latest newspapers which came today I do not feel quite so much courage. A few months must settle it, and I am willing to trust to Providence for a favorable issue. Visit from Mr Ralston in the247 evening, who brought with him an Italian officer named Marchisio, who came to tell me of the departure of several of his countrymen of the Garibaldi party in the service of the confederates who pay them high. The source of the abundance of money these people have on this side, when they are obviously so much pressed at home is very mysterious. The gentleman seemed to wish me to enter into a competition for these people, but I was quite lukewarm. We do not want them. They speak no English and are all conceited about their own qualifications. He was otherwise very intelligent and gave me much information in Italian French of his travels in South America, and his acquaintance with Bompland, the companion of Humboldt, who remained in Paraguay.

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