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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 7th

7 December 1862

Tuesday 9th

9 December 1862
8 December 1862
Monday 8th



A very clear and fine morning, and for a wonder the weather lasted good all day. I spent some time out of doors, doing commissions, and finished up what work I had left to do. As the bag had not come, I had really no work, which is a thing to be noted. So I made myself some in putting bookmarks into the volumes I have purchased since I got here. They make a very considerable number. Henry returned from Yorkshire this evening. Mrs Adams and I dined by invitation with Sir Robert and Lady Phillimore, the new Queen’s Advocate in the place of Sir John Harding. The company consisted of Sir Roundell and Lady Laura Palmer, Miss Lyttleton and another Dr Washington, Lord Harris, Sir Francis Doyle and Mr Wyane. It was much249 pleasanter than usual. There is some satisfaction in meeting with an educated and lively set of gentlemen, familiar with high station but without the morgue that is apt to attend it. Of all persons I have seen in England no one has impressed me more favorably than Dr Lushington. There is great activity of mind, notwithstanding his age which is now past eighty. At the same time he is simple and genial as a child. He is still at the head of Admiralty and consisting courts and seems to retain both physical and mental powers remarkably. Some conversation incidentally about the performance at the Westminster school next week, of Terence’s play of the Andrian, to which I had received an invitation. It turned out that the son of Sir Robert was the Captain, and on my saying I should like to go, Sir Robert asked me to dine with him on the 18th and go in company with the Lord Chancellor, which I very readily acceded to. Evening consumed until nearly eleven.

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