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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 23d.

23 December 1862

Thursday 25th

25 December 1862
24 December 1862
Wednesday 24th

Cloudy and dull. A visit from Mr Walker , Editor of the news who came to enquire into the correctness of a report in the Post this morning, of a vote in the House of Representatives at Washington consuming the President for the proclamation. I explained the blunder in construing the vote for laying it on the table the motion to be a vote in favor of the motion itself. Such is the measure of most of the speculation of that press on America. Mr Bates came in to ask for information about the case of the Alabama in order to predicate upon it a remonstrance against the building of two more vessels by Mr Laird. I gave him my copy of the Documents marking such passages as had the most direct reference to the subject. Yesterday, Mr P Cumin, a lawyer called on the same subject in order to prepare a leader for the News, which appeared in its columns today. The rest of my morning spent in preparing drafts of my week’s Despatches one day259 in advance, as tomorrow is Christmas. Mr Miller, the Despatch Agent called to propose a modification of the practice in closing the bag at this Legation. He had written to Washington a complaint about it, which brought me a note from Mr Seward desiring it to be done. I acquiesced in the change, the original reasons for making the plan having ceased to operate. At a little after three o’clock, the family with the exception of Henry started to go by the South Western railway to Walton to spend the Christmas. by invitation with Mr and Mrs Sturgis. The train was very large and full We arrived safely at half past five o’clock. Found Mrs Sturgis, the customary Colonel Hawley, and presently came in Mr Frederick Elliot, Miss Rose, and a Miss Perry. This with the children made a house full. The dinner was choice and stately as ever. An hour after with the ladies, and then in the billiard room finished the day.

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