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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 25th

25 December 1862

Saturday 27th

27 December 1862
26 December 1862
Friday 26th

Mr and Mrs Sturgis are the most liberal of hosts, their table is of the choicest, and their cordiality the most thorough, yet I can never feel comfortable in staying here. The whole scene passes before my eyes as if it were an artificial scene of a play, liable to crumble and disappear any morning. Besides which there appears to be no substance in the society. A stroke of apoplexy to the host would scatter it all to the winds. I cannot judge them harshly, but there are no common points of sympathy to bind us. So I feel relieved when I get away. Henry who came out last evening to dinner, returned in the early train, with Mr Sturgis and myself, to town. I had enough to do in resuming my elaborate answer to Lord Russell, and in finishing up the week’s despatches and letters for the bag. Quiet evening at home.

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