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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 1st

1 January 1863

Saturday 3d.

3 January 1863
2 January 1863
Friday 2d

A gentleman from Manchester called early to bring me a copy of an address by the working men’s meeting held on the 31st, to the President of the United States. It was quite a strong manifestation of good feeling, and I was glad to seize the occasion to express my satisfaction with it. There certainly is much sympathy felt in the lower classes, but little or none with the upper. I accomplished my private letters in season for the bag, and then went to walk. The day was clear and very exhilarating. There is certainly a strong effect produced on the mind by the change from cloud to sunlight. Dined by invitation at the Duchess Dowager of Somerset’s. Mr Mrs and young Mr Musurus, Mr Bille and his sister, and Mr Gosch, his Attaché, Lady Georgina Fane, Mr Villers, Mr Milner Gibson, and a Colonel whom I did not know. The Duchess was more on her dignity, but she could not help talking nonsense about Mr Peabody. Home quite late.266

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